Lattice Pole


page03_latticepole_01The lattice pole

A major advantage of the monopole is that it does not need additional support. Lattice poles, which are constructed of a steel lattice, do not have the solid appearance of a monopole, but many need additional support from guy wires to maintain structural integrity.

The pole shown at the right is an untapered lattice pole (the same diameter at the top as it is at the bottom.) The guy wires attached to it maintain the stability of the structure. Guy wires are now known to be responsible for bird kills and are avoided whenever possible.

page03_latticepole_02Lattice poles may be self-supporting, but self-supporting lattice poles have a larger base to support the structure, such as the pole shown at the right in Penn Yan, NY which does not require guy wires. While less common than monopoles, the self-supporting lattice pole retains some applications in visual mitigation when compared to the monopole, especially when viewed from long distance views where the lattice structure may be considered less obvious than a solid pole.

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