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The opinions stated in this document are the opinions of a planner. The engineering and legal issues discussed herein should not take the place of the advice of an attorney or a state licensed engineer.

The photographs appearing in this document come from:
Mr. George M. Janes, AICP
Mr. Ron Graiff, PE
New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning

Photographs have been used with permission, or are believed to be in the public domain. Nevertheless, if you own the copyright to a photograph that appears in this document, please contact the author and it will be removed.

Excellent materials on this topic can be found at the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning here:

The New York State Planning Federation has a model ordinance for municipalities in New York State:

In my opinion, New York Planning Federation’s ordinance is not particularly powerful, but can be considered a good starting point.

Permission is granted to freely distribute this document. Quoting with attribution is appreciated.

If you know of other resources, especially New York State specific resources, or have questions or comments, please contact the author at 646-652-6498 or at emailgeorge.

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