Camouflage: Structures

page07_camouflage_01Wireless communication antennas can be hidden in structures. These structures can be functional, or they may exist only to house the communication antennas. The nature of these structures varies according to the surroundings. Silos are popular structures in areas where they are found. These can be existing structures or ones built for the facility.

This functional silo is topped with hidden antennas mounted behind the gray screen at the top of the silo. In natural areas where a silo would be out of place fire towers are another structure that has been used to for camouflage.

In more populous areas, an urban structure is more appropriate. Church steeples are often seen as attractive sites.


They can be designed traditionally, like the church steeple in a New England town or more contemporarily, as the structure on the right. Clock towers, cupolas and other structures that are designed to rise above existing buildings and trees have been designed and erected to hide telecommunications.

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