About George M. Janes & Associates

George M. Janes & Associates is a specialty planning firm with expertise in zoning, simulation and visualization, and statistics and quantitative modeling. GMJ&A serves public, private and non-profit clients mostly in and around New York City and strives to help its clients make better informed planning and development decisions.

GMJ&A’s principal, George Janes, has over 20 years of experience and works with clients as large as the City of New York and with clients as small as individual citizens looking to understand the impact of new plans, zoning or development proposals.  Most often GMJ&A works with local governments, community boards and community groups to help them understand how new development proposals, plans, and regulations will impact their community, or to them shape plans or regulations that serve their needs.

George Janes founded GMJ&A in 2008 after spending six years as Executive Director of New York City’s Environmental Simulation Center, a pioneer in the world of visualization and simulation in planning and development.  It was during his time at ESC when Mr. Janes learned development regulations from the ESC’s founder, Michael Kwartler, one of New York City’s zoning experts.

In all the work that GMJ&A does, we never forget that the planning process and its practitioners must continuously pursue and faithfully serve the public interest. GMJ&A works best with organizations and individuals who likewise serve the public interest.

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